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It pays to shop around for auto insurance.

The Importance of Comparing Prices

No one wants to pay car insurance prices that are higher than necessary. While that's a concern for many people, a little bit of homework is all that's required to help drivers locate the lowest auto insurance prices. The key is getting lots of quotes so you can compare auto insurance prices.

The reason to price policies is that all insurers offer different rates. There is no standard policy that costs exactly the same amount of money. Instead, insurers offer a variety of discounts and other savings and the amount of these discounts vary from company to company. Sometimes you may not get a discount unless you ask for it specifically. If you don't compare car insurance quotes, it's impossible to know whether a price offered from a company is a good deal or not.

How to Compare and Save

The first step in getting low price car insurance is to make sure you request only the amount of coverage you need. That means considering higher deductibles for both collision and comprehensive coverage. The deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay out of pocket before the insurer handles the rest of the claim. By setting a higher deductible - $500 or $1,000, as opposed to $100 or $250 - it's possible to save 20 percent or more on the policy premium. Of course, you must be certain that you have the money to pay the deductible in the event you are involved in several claims in a year. Also, make sure you ask the insurer about all available discounts, such as those offered for multiple policies and people with good driving records.

Now it's time to price compare car insurance quotes from as many companies as possible. You can't effectively compare costs unless you have more than one insurance quote - and the more the merrier. By getting a number of quotes, it's easier to tell which company is offering the lowest deal for the highest quality policy. The process isn't really that much different from a car price comparison. Even better, it's easier to handle this task online with websites such as Just put in your zip code and you'll get several quotes so you can compare car insurance prices and determine the best price from a company you feel company choosing.

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